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State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Four Chinese medicine to strengthen exchanges

Date: 2016-04-22
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State Pharmaceutical Administration Bureau of units directly under the Foreign Affairs recently held a summary of the work will be summarized and analyzed the current rare opportunity for development of Chinese medicine external exchanges and cooperation work facing the work of the next period and a higher requirement.

The meeting proposed to do in the Pharmaceutical Foreign exchange and cooperation under the new situation, we should enhance learning, improve the ability to focus on the main points of this year, focusing on international projects, trade in services, foreign exchanges and cooperation bases exchanges and cooperation, etc. ; Second, we must focus on the central task, play staff and assistants of foreign exchanges and cooperation with the team in the domestic pharmaceutical industry development; Third, we must play to our strengths, reflect characteristics, overcome human resources, financial and other difficulties, the formation of each unit unique foreign affairs brand; Fourth, we must strengthen communication and integration of resources, promote the central and local co-ordination between institutions of traditional Chinese medicine, the formation of joint create a new situation of Chinese medicine external exchanges and cooperation work.

Relevant person in charge of International Cooperation Department of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Taiwan Affairs Office exchange bureau, Chinese Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce introduced the progress Pharmaceutical Foreign Exchanges in 2012, the export of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine EU registered the relevant circumstances. Domestic pharmaceutical institutions directly under the unit and part of the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Exchange Conference will focus on in this unit were foreign exchange and cooperation work. Delegates to discuss the new situation of Chinese medicine exchanges and cooperation and face the next step.


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