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State Food and Drug Administration of start "Thirteen Five" planning work

Date: 2016-04-22
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July 1, 2014, the State Food and Drug Administration of Work held in Beijing "Thirteen Five" Planning Leading Group for the first plenary meeting of the deployment "Thirteen Five" overall planning work arrangements, the official launch of "Thirteen Five" planning work. Food and Drug Administration of the State Secretary Zhang Yong chaired the meeting.

The meeting pointed out, basic food and drug safety is a major livelihood issues, the State Council have always attached great importance. The current food and drug safety situation is still complicated and grim, high risks and contradictions highlight the stage characteristics are still evident. Especially after the institutional reform, regulatory mandates a substantial increase in supervisory resources to further expand the gap, regulatory capacity needs to be improved. "Thirteen Five" period is the first five-year plan for new food and drug regulatory system after the formation of an important period of strategic opportunities Food and Drug Administration business innovation and development, regulatory capacity building is a critical period of great development, it is important to accurately grasp the current situation, scientific judgments "thirteen five" development trend, earnestly food and drug supervision "thirteen five" planning work, to enhance the regulatory capacity and level, and effectively protect the people's food and drug safety.

The meeting stressed that the preparation of food and drug regulation "Thirteen Five" plan to be in the party's 18 and eighteenth sessions of the Second, the Third Plenum of the spirit as a guide to "improve the unified authority of the food and drug safety regulators" as the goal. To adhere to continuity planning to do with food and drug safety convergence "Twelfth Five Year Plan" to ensure that "a blueprint drawn in the end." To adhere to problem-oriented, identify the problem, the right remedy, strive to solve the food and drug regulatory overall key and difficult problems. To adhere closely reform, according to the direction of reform, good system design and system layout. To adhere to balanced, not Tandaqiuquan not exhaustive and focus. To adhere to scientific and democratic, in-depth research, listen to opinions from all sides, so that the planning process is truly gathering wisdom, consensus process. State Food and Drug Administration of deputy director Yin Li and relevant departments and bureaus directly under the unit responsible comrades attended the meeting.


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